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Lens Cleaning Station

Lens Cleaning Station provide instant access for all lens cleaning needs. Tissues are low-lint and non-abrasive. Good for use on plastic glass and polycarbonate lenses.

Regular Price £6.86 incl.VAT

Lens Cleaning Wipes

The Lens Cleaning Wipes come in a handy dispenser box which is pre assembled for immediate use. Dispenser size 5”x 8” (13x20cm) and holds 100 individually packaged Lens Cleaning Wipes.

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PPE Protection Kit

An ideal solution for face and hearing protection (PW48) where no helmet is required. It protects against particle impact liquid splashes and dangerous noise. Spare parts available.

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Lens Cover Film

Acetate protective film to be used on full face masks P500 and P516 to help protect the ocular from chemical splashes and scratches. This accessory is mainly recommended for cleaning and painting activities within the oil and gas industries. Sold in units of 10.

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Endurance Visor Replacement

Impact resistant polycarbonate replacement visor. Suitable for Endurance Helmets.

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RX Focus Support

This RX is an innovative inner frame to be used on PS03 Focus Spectacle to install prescription lenses. 3 different adjustable positions allow for a perfect fit. The combination of the Focus spectacle and the RX support represent cost-effective solution for workers who need corrective glasses in addition to eye protection.

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Spectacle Bag

Protective microfibre bag that can be used for cleaning and storage.

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Spectacle Cord

Elasticated cord which adjusts to wearer's preference. Universal holder to fit a large variety of spectacles temples.