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Everyday PPE Kit

The Portwest Everyday PPE Kit contains all the essential equipment needed to keep you safe at work. - PW42 Ear Defenders X1- P201 Respirator X10- A150 Gloves X3- PS32 Eyewear X1- PW50 Helmet X1

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Extreme Cold Weather Kit

The Portwest Extreme Cold Weather Kit contains five vital pieces of equipment for those working in extreme cold environments. - SK18 Socks X1- A145 Gloves X3 - B013 Beanie Hat X1- B121 Thermal Bottom X1 - B123 Thermal Top X1

Regular Price £75.59 incl.VAT

Hazardous Environment Kit

The Portwest Hazardous Waste Kit contains all the essential equipment to keep you safe when working with hazardous waste that can pose potential threats to public health or the environment. - ST70 Disposable Suit X3- A810 Glove X3- P430 Half Mask X1- P971 Filter X2- PS21 Eyewear X1

Regular Price £39.24 incl.VAT

Hi Vis Kit

Be Safe Be Seen with the Portwest Hi Vis Kit that contains all the essential equipment to ensure the highest level of protection in low light conditions. - A140 Hi Vis Glove X3- C474 Hi Vis Vest X1- B905 Hi Vis Bag X1- B028 Hi Vis Beanie Hat X1

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RFID Asset Management Tag

The RF10 is made of an ABS shell that houses the NFC chip. It is extremely durable and waterproof and comes with a silver double key ring that ensures it can be easily attached to any product.

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Tool Safety Holder

The Tool Safety Holder is a patented solution designed to improve job safety and efficiency when working with hand held tools. The patented rubber grip teeth allows the user to hold up to four different tools securely while minimising the risk of dropping them.

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Vehicle Kit

The Portwest Vehicle Kit contains the necessary equipment that will keep you safe in the event of a breakdown or accident. - C474 Hi Vis Vest X1- A310 Gloves X2- HV10 Warning Triangle X1 - B028 Beanie Hat with Light X1 - FA21 First Aid Kit X1

Regular Price £7.64 incl.VAT

Visitor Kit

The Portwest Visitor Kit ensures piece of mind that your visitors will be visible and are kept safe in the workplace. - PW50 Helmet X1 - EP02 Ear Plugs X2- PW30 Eyewear X1 - C474 Hi Vis Vest X1