Regular Price £4.45 incl.VAT

Chin Strap

Nylon woven strap with PP chin cup for added comfort helps your hard hat stay secure while working. Easy to clip on and compatible with Expertbase Helmets Endurance Helmets and Peak View Helmets.

Regular Price £5.86 incl.VAT

Chin Strap 4 Endurance

4 points chin strap suitable for Endurance Helmets. Sold in set of 5.

Regular Price £8.27 incl.VAT

Chin Strap 4 Height Endurance

4 points chin strap with soft chin guard. Spare part for Height Endurance Helmets PS53 and PS63. Sold in set of 5.

Head Protection

D-Clip Metal Free (Pk20)

Regular Price £30.42 incl.VAT

Metal Free D Clip

This universal clip is suitable for use in many areas. It can be clipped onto a belt to hold a wide range of PPE when not in use alternatively it can be fixed to a wall/structure as a storage solution. Flexible durable and metal free solution.

Regular Price £3.28 incl.VAT

Replacement Shield Plus Visor

Replacement visor for PW96. It also fits PW58 and PS58.

Head Protection

Helmet Holder – Yellow

Regular Price £8.89 incl.VAT

Helmet Holder

The helmet holder is a patented product designed to keep your helmet safe and secure. It contains high performance magnets for attaching to metal surfaces and screws to attach to timber and plaster board surfaces. Other features include an in built safety spectacle holder and it is UV stabilised for outdoor use. Suitable for most standard type helmets.

Regular Price £7.96 incl.VAT

Replacement Helmet Sweatband

Soft foam sweat band for Endurance Helmets Height Endurance Helmets and Sky Blueview Helmets. Sold in set of 10 pcs.

Regular Price £3.98 incl.VAT

Helmet Visor Holder

The Helmet Visor Holder with universal slot european size (30mm) can be used on Endurance Helmets Height Endurance Helmets Peak View Sky Blueview and Monterosa Helmets. It allows stand-off position and can combine the simultaneous wear of a visor and clip-on ear-muffs. Compatible with replacement visors PW92 PW94 and PW99.

Regular Price £6.48 incl.VAT

Helmet Winter Liner

This insulating liner is suitable to be worn with most helmets. Four Hook & Loop straps attach the liner to helmets for a secure fit. Can be worn with a chin strap.

Head Protection

ID Holder

Regular Price £3.74 incl.VAT

ID Holder

In Case of Emergency (ICE) stickers for accident victims gives on-site instant access to victims potential lifesaving information and enables emergency contacts be quickly notified of the situation 24/7.

Regular Price £1.56 incl.VAT

Medical Information Contact

Offers immediate identification of a workers medical information which could ultimately save the life of the worker in accidents and emergencies. Language free with instantly recognisable icons for easy and global recognition.

Regular Price £11.32 incl.VAT

Neck Cover

This simple accessory will complete the PW98 Forestry Kit offering neck protection against rain and splashes. Easy to install it is compatible with PW98 and all Endurance Safety helmets.Sold in units of 5.

Regular Price £21.68 incl.VAT

Reflective Stickers Pack

High quality reflective stickers for safety helmets. Thanks to their honeycomb pattern and excellent reflective quality they help to improve visibility for added safety in all working environments. Cutting design suitable to be adapted to many different helmet styles. Each pack (for 1 helmet) contains 7 stickers. Sold in set by 10 packs (to cover 10 helmets).

Regular Price £1.80 incl.VAT

BizWeld Plus Replacement Lens

Outer lens for the BizWeld Plus Welding Helmet. Sold in sets of 5. Dimension: 114 x 90 mm.

Regular Price £1.96 incl.VAT

Slip Ratchet Safety Harness

Spare harness with 4 point suspension. Can be used on PW50 PW51 and PW57 helmets.

Regular Price £7.64 incl.VAT

Sweat Band Endurance

Technical Sweat Band compatible with Endurance Helmets Height Endurance Helmets and Sky Blueview Helmets. Sold in sets of 5.

Head Protection

Universal Fit ID

Regular Price £6.86 incl.VAT

Universal Fit ID

The unique silicone "stretch-ring" fitting system allows it to be fitted to lanyards key-rings belts fall restraints etc. Features a fully waterproof ID card to record personal information.

Head Protection

Visor Carrier – Black

Regular Price £2.81 incl.VAT

Helmet Visor Carrier

Our visor holder is compatible with helmet styles PW50 PW51 PS50 and PS57. Versatile and safe this is a great addition to the Head Protection Range. Compatible with Replacement Visors PW92 PW94 and PW99.