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19 LED Utility Torch

The 19 L.E.D Utility Torch covers a number of functions including operating as a basic hand held torch spot light and inspection light thanks to its adjustable stand and rotating handle. It utilizes L.E.D technology and boasts 19 L.E.D lights making it extremely bright and long lasting. It is wall mountable for easy storage and access in an emergency.

Regular Price £4.37 incl.VAT

24 LED Inspection Torch

Hand held inspection torch with 24 ultra bright L.E.D's. Rubberised durable body. Easy to use on/off button. Includes strong magnet and integrated folding hook for hands free inspection. Body designed to be easily held and used with or without gloves.

Regular Price £3.83 incl.VAT

7 LED Rubber Torch

The 7 L.E.D light combines all the benefits of precise engineered L.E.D technology with a practical and versatile design. It has a rubberised finish for stronger grip and easier handling.

Regular Price £4.84 incl.VAT

Dual Power Head Light

This powerful and reliable headlight utilises innovative technology to give you a bright compact and lightweight headlight.

Regular Price £30.82 incl.VAT

Helmet Torch Clip

Securely mounts your torch to a safety helmet to provide hands free lighting. Compatible with PA54 PA68 PA75 lights and Endurance Helmets Height Endurance Helmets Peak View Helmets and PS51 Helmets.

Regular Price £22.62 incl.VAT

High Powered Enforcer

The ultimate in security torches the High Powered Enforcer delivers cutting edge high-powered CREE technology with a long run time and standard D size batteries for everyday use.

Regular Price £6.17 incl.VAT

High Powered Pocket Torch

Highly efficient and dependable torch with outstanding brightness and run time. The textured aluminium housing provides excellent grip and impact resistance in heavy duty environments. Compact design for carrying in a pocket or with the removable belt clip ideal for the uniformed professional.

Regular Price £6.08 incl.VAT

Inspection Flashlight

Brightness: 150/40 LumensBeam Distance: 10m (side light) 20m (top light)Run time: 4/10 HoursBatteries: Included AAA x 3Function: Inspection flashlightMagnetic base rubberized body for grip with clip for hands free inspectionCompact but extremely powerful and useful lighting

Regular Price £5.46 incl.VAT

Junior Beanie LED Head Light

This warm and comfortable acrylic junior sized beanie hat features a removable LED front light for superior visibility in low light conditions. The rechargeable LED can be charged in a USB port.

Regular Price £8.11 incl.VAT

LED Cap Light

This USB Rechargeable LED Cap Light is powerful with multiple settings and tilt control. It can be easily clipped onto the edge of your bump cap or helmet rim and with its low profile design it won't obstruct your view. IPX4 waterproof protection against splashes of water from any direction.

Regular Price £3.43 incl.VAT

LED Head Light

Head Light with tilt control so you can aim the light where it is needed most. Ideal for keeping your hands free for work. New and improved brightness now with 8 LED's. The ideal utility head light.

Regular Price £27.30 incl.VAT

USB Rechargeable Inspection Torch

COB LED bulb delivers a wider and brighter lighting area. Its SMD LED bulb top light offers an additional flashlight function.Impact and water resistant.Magnetic base swivels 180 degrees.360 degree rotating hanging hook. Micro USB charging port at the side and a power indicator on backside of the swivel frame.

Regular Price £12.88 incl.VAT

USB Rechargeable LED Head Light

This USB rechargeable head light has multiple light settings tilt control and a soft adjustable strap making it comfortable to wear. This light is rated to IPX4 making it wind and water resistant and perfect for all weather conditions.

Regular Price £6.17 incl.VAT

Beanie LED Head Light USB Rechargeable

This warm and comfortable acrylic beanie hat features a removable LED front light for superior visibility in low light conditions. The rechargeable LED can be charged in a USB port.

Regular Price £8.11 incl.VAT

Rechargeable Twin LED Beanie

This high-performance acrylic beanie hat features two removable LED lights on the front and back for all round visibility. The rechargeable LED lights can be charged in a USB port. Ideal for walkers cyclists or those working in low light conditions.

Regular Price £2.81 incl.VAT

Replacement Beanie Head Light

Replacement LED light module for the B027 B028 and B029. This rechargeable LED light can be charged in a standard USB port.

Regular Price £9.98 incl.VAT

Tactical Torch

Strong and durable precision engineered aluminium shell torch uses new CREE technology which is up to 10 times brighter than current L.E.D bulbs. Telescopic zoom allows focus from flood to spot light settings. Hand strap included. Rubber button is ergonomically designed to be used even when wearing gloves. This light also comes with a useful belt clip.

Regular Price £15.22 incl.VAT

Taskforce Security Torch

Highly efficient and multi-functional hand held torch with zoom control. The durable aluminium house provides excellent impact resistance and the textured finish ensures a reliable grip. Wrist strap included.

Regular Price £21.68 incl.VAT

Ultra Inspection Torch

The Ultra Inspection Torch illuminates automatically once extended.Strong and long lasting it is engineered using anodized aircraft aluminium.There is a powerful magnet located at the base of this light.Anti-roll positioning has been designed to aid inspection when it is placed on its side.

Regular Price £21.68 incl.VAT

Ultra Power Head Light

The Ultra Power Head Light uses cutting edge design and technology to give you excellent performance and reliability.

Regular Price £35.10 incl.VAT

USB Rechargeable Flood Light

Swivel stand base can rotate 180°. Durable aluminium housing.Power bank function can be charged using a mobile phone.       Power display function intelligently detects the charging status and the remaining power.USB CORD and AC/DC Adaptor included

Regular Price £3.05 incl.VAT

USB Rechargeable Light Clip

USB Rechargeable Light Clip can be easily attached to any hat jacket radio loop or belt to ensure visibility for workers. Perfect for any night time activity.

Regular Price £18.65 incl.VAT

USB Rechargeable Torch

This rechargeable torch is compact and lightweight. The beam distance and focus is adjustable with a twistable lens system.This torch can also be used as a back up USB phone charger with enough power for one full charge of your phone.

Regular Price £9.76 incl.VAT

Waterproof Headlight

Versatile lighting solution in any environment with multi-function settings and tilt control. The robust hands free waterproof design allows for use up to 25 metres under water.