Regular Price £7.42 incl.VAT

Slimline 120dB Safety Whistle

This slimline 120db safety whistle is lightweight and portable. It has the ability to signal for help from vast distances with its ear-piercing sound.

Regular Price £3.52 incl.VAT

A4 Poster Holder

This high quality A4 stand is the ideal way to display posters on a counter top. Perfect for pushing marketing literature in key areas to encourage sales.

Regular Price £2.27 incl.VAT

A5 Portrait Leaflet Holder

Counter standing leaflet holder to neatly store and advertise literature in key areas. Designed to accommodate A5 portrait material.

Regular Price £3.59 incl.VAT

Attachable Magnetic LED

Superior lightweight magnetic LED clip can be applied to any garment securely to ensure visibility. The reflective material and bright LED's has two functions steady on and flash. Perfect for work or leisure activities in dark conditions.

Regular Price £106.86 incl.VAT

Barricade/Warning Tape

Non adhesive barricade tape for use in cordoning off areas in industry construction events and temporally restricted areas or operations. Strong durable quality with excellent tear strength.

Regular Price £24.96 incl.VAT

Footwear Cardboard Display

A highly versatile cardboard display unit for displaying footwear.

Regular Price £3.90 incl.VAT

Euro Cleaning In Progress Sign

Essential safety accessory in public areas when cleaning is in progress. Printed both sides with multi language design for increased safety.

Regular Price £7.26 incl.VAT

Counter Top Stand

Ideal for trade counters shops or showrooms where space is limited. This robust stand can hold three styles of Portwest footwear or can be twinned with the Z529 Spectacle Display stand.

Regular Price £56.09 incl.VAT

Enclosed Blade Safety Knife

This innovative knife features a super sharp concealed blade for maximum safety. Ideal for cutting plastic strapping film or card. Also features a thumbnail for slitting parcel tape without causing damage to the package.

Regular Price £4.52 incl.VAT

Portwest Folding Utility Knife

This lightweight utility knife offers an aluminium handle and a belt clip for added mobility. It features a quick-change blade mechanism saving time in demanding work conditions. Its one hand easy opening makes it convenient to use. Includes 5 blade replacements for added value.

Regular Price £4.61 incl.VAT

Folding Warning Triangle

High quality compact folding warning triangle made from tough ABS plastic. The space saving foldable design makes this ideal for storing in a vehicle now a legal requirement in many countries. Suitable for use following accidents or breakdowns.

Regular Price £61.78 incl.VAT

Footwear Column

Newly designed slimline footwear display. Five interchangable shelves that can be set to different heights allowing for display of shoes boots riggers and wellingtons on the one stand.

Regular Price £184.08 incl.VAT

Large Freestanding Floor Stand L1.5m x W.5m x H1.4m

Total Weight: 36kg

Regular Price £31.75 incl.VAT

Large Shelf

Total Weight: 13kg

Regular Price £2.74 incl.VAT

Forward Hanging Arm L22cm

Total weight: 1kg

Regular Price £3.12 incl.VAT

Forward Hanging Arm L35cm

Total weight: 1.4kg

Regular Price £9.83 incl.VAT

Stepped Out Hanging Rail 50cm  

Total Weight: 2.4kg

Regular Price £66.30 incl.VAT

Universal Head Light Safety Helmet Clips

Securely mounts your head light to a safety helmet to provide a hands free reliable fit that will prevent your head light from falling and getting damaged. Compatible with all Portwest headlights.

Regular Price £44.86 incl.VAT

Reflective Slap Wrap Band 38 x 3cm

Engineered with safety at the forefront. Highly reflective material that provides instant visibility in dark and low light conditions.

Regular Price £57.34 incl.VAT

Reflective Slap Wrap Band 41 x 4cm

Quick snap technology allows easy application of this highly reflective band to your arm wrist clothing and other accessories. Perfect for ensuring visibility and safety.


Hook 20cm – Orange

Regular Price £1.40 incl.VAT

Hook 20cm

Total weight: 1.6kg

Regular Price £0.00

Attachable Hook and Loop LED

The Hook and Loop Attachable LED incorporates high visibility material with 3 LED lights for increased visibility in low or no light conditions. It attaches using a hook and loop fastening and is compatible with the L474 vest.

Regular Price £2.11 incl.VAT

Illuminated Flashing Armband

This adjustable arm band with reflective panelling is small and lightweight. It offers convenient protection to its wearer. The panelling lights up with the touch of a button and emits a bright glow for added visibility. Full light and pulse settings. Battery life of 80 hours.CR2032 battery 3V.

Regular Price £1.13 incl.VAT

Replacement Blades for KN30 and KN40 Cutters (10)

This blade is constructed from carbon steel. Each blade features two cutting edges. Designed to be used with the KN30 and the KN40.

Regular Price £4.61 incl.VAT

Illuminated LED Shoe Clip

Ergonomic design to fit securely with ease onto any footwear style. The ergonomic lightweight design is suitable for any work environment. Multi-functional steady on and flash settings to ensure visibility and safety.

Regular Price £3.98 incl.VAT

LED Zip Pullers

Versatile and lightweight LED Zip Pullers that improve safety in low light conditions. They can be looped onto your jacket backpack or shoes. With two settings the LED Zip Pullers will keep you safe and seen. Supplied complete with replaceable CR1220 batteries.

Regular Price £163.02 incl.VAT

Sitting Mannequin

Premium quality black high gloss mannequins. Suitable for internal use or a real eye-catcher in a showroom or at trade shows.

Regular Price £161.93 incl.VAT

Standing Mannequin

Premium quality black high gloss mannequins. Suitable for internal use or a real eye-catcher in a showroom or at trade shows.

Regular Price £3.90 incl.VAT

Euro Wet Floor Warning Sign

Multi language wet floor warning sign to reduce the risk of hazardous falls. Foldable design which is compact and easy to store.

Regular Price £106.55 incl.VAT

Water Base Pavement Sign

This large pavement sign has a robust base with wheels and a discreet handle for ease of use. The base can be filled with water or sand and features heavy duty spring mounts and a rigid back making it suitable for use in standard weather conditions. Two PVC UV anti-glare poster covers are included to protect both sides of the sign against the elements. A simple way to help boost footfall and increase brand awareness.

Regular Price £63.58 incl.VAT

Portwest Mat

Portwest branded high quality floor entrance mats offer a striking presence to any indoor shop showroom or display area. Made of 700gsm nylon pile with 2000gsm rubber backing these mats are ideal for both indoor and outdoor high traffic areas and can also be used in corridors & hallways.

Regular Price £27.30 incl.VAT

Portwest Large Bin

Regular Price £119.89 incl.VAT

Water Base Feather Flag

The Water Base Feather Flag is ideal for making an impact during indoor and outdoor displays and events. Complete with a water base for ultimate stability and extra height. The flag is printed onto one side but has a mirror image on the other side as the material is 90% transparent. A simple way to help increase brand awareness.

Regular Price £28.08 incl.VAT

Portwest Foot Stool

Regular Price £121.61 incl.VAT

Glove/PPE Display Stand

Portwest branded glove/PPE display stands are ideal for trade shows shop floors and general display. Equipped with 12 hooks the stand can be used to display a range of different products in any combination including; gloves knee pads and PPE. Created for a premium look this display stand has great in-store presence. Stand material includes; Metal MDF PVC board and styrene.

Regular Price £18.34 incl.VAT

Portwest Header Boards

Versatile header boards designed to create a strong brand presence and easily fit over standard retail fittings.

Regular Price £99.84 incl.VAT

Helmet Stand

Total Weight: 14kg

Regular Price £0.43 incl.VAT

Portwest Paper Bag

Regular Price £61.93 incl.VAT

Large PVC Banner

These high quality waterproof PVC banners are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use and can be easily hung from the holes provided.

Regular Price £0.78 incl.VAT

Portwest Wooden Jacket Hanger

Regular Price £1.09 incl.VAT

Portwest Wooden Trouser Hanger

Regular Price £2.89 incl.VAT

Pro Safety Cutter

Made from zinc alloy for toughness and durability the Pro Safety Cutter is suitable for both right and left handed users. With a top blade control slider and an automatic blade retract system this knife has been designed to ensure your safety.

Regular Price £58.97 incl.VAT

Pull Up Banners

Regular Price £58.97 incl.VAT

Pull Up Banners

Regular Price £1.03 incl.VAT

Replacement Blades for KN10 and KN20 (10)

Fits the KN10 and KN20 knives. This blade constructed from carbon steel has unparalleled sharpness and superior edge retention to ensure perfect cutting every time. Each blade features two cutting edges.

Regular Price £6.79 incl.VAT

Retractable Safety Cutter

The latest super safety cutter featuring a blade that retracts when it loses contact with material being cut. Primarily for use in warehousing distribution or construction environments where knives are often used and safety is a priority. Pack contains 10 replacement blades (KN91).

Regular Price £4.99 incl.VAT

Shallow RSB 50cm

Total weight: 1.2kg

Regular Price £8.74 incl.VAT

Shallow RSB 1.2m

Total weight: 2.7kg