Regular Price £2.27 incl.VAT

Bold Pro Spectacle

Dual lens with soft rubber nose bridge and temple grips in various colours.

Regular Price £1.18 incl.VAT

Classic Safety Spectacle

Constructed using a single panoramic polycarbonate lens with moulded side-shields and browguard. This product also features adjustable arms moulded nose bridge and contoured browguard.

Regular Price £1.92 incl.VAT

Clear View Spectacle

Tough looking wrap around streamline design excellent protective coverage and fit. Ultra light and panoramic view.

Regular Price £1.96 incl.VAT

Contoured Safety Spectacle

An ultra light polycarbonate spectacle that moulds in to the facial features providing brow protection and cheek guard. Fully adjustable temple length and a five point temple ratchet.

Regular Price £1.87 incl.VAT

Curvo Spectacle

This spectacle has a curved lens and essential sport look. Adjustable arms inclination for optimised fit and soft nose bridge for extra comfort.

Regular Price £4.14 incl.VAT

Defender Safety Spectacle

Sport style safety spectacles with upper frame only for light-weight design. Adjustable soft nose bridge and pressure free fitting temples make this model a class leader in eye protection.

Regular Price £1.87 incl.VAT

Fossa Spectacle

Fossa safety spectacle provides wrap around coverage for a panoramic view thanks to the excellent polycarbonate quality. Stylish rubber tip temples and a mono-lens ensures these glasses fit all face shapes.

Regular Price £4.68 incl.VAT

Levo Spectacle

Levo spectacle's innovative concept offers the comfort of a safety spectacle with the fit and seal of a goggle. The back foam gives added brow and cheek protection. The arms can be interchanged with the adjustable head-strap for more fitted wear. Excellent ventilation through indirect vents in the back foam which aids in preventing misting and fogging.

Regular Price £1.96 incl.VAT

Lite Safety Spectacles

Super lightweight and durable spectacle with a sleek design and 10 base curve lens. Larger fitting size for a perfect custom fit.

Regular Price £1.80 incl.VAT

Lucent Spectacle

Expertly designed lightweight spectacle with outstanding optical quality. The one-piece curved lens offers unobstructed vision and the comfortable nose bridge allows for extended use.

Regular Price £2.18 incl.VAT

Vultus Spectacle

These stylish wrap around safety glasses offer extreme coverage with brow guard and side shields.

Regular Price £1.44 incl.VAT

Pan View Spectacle

These sleek and sporty style glasses are designed for safety and comfort. The Pan View features lightweight construction and soft touch temples. The single wrap-around lens offers protection from the sides and front.

Regular Price £1.51 incl.VAT

Profile Safety Spectacle

These frame-less safety glasses are designed for safety comfort and style. Wrap around design with a moulded nose bridge and browguard.

Regular Price £2.11 incl.VAT

Safeguard Spectacle

The Safeguard Spectacle features a nylon frame with seven-position ratchet temples and adjustable arm length.

Regular Price £1.49 incl.VAT

Classic Safety Plus Spectacle

The Classic Safety Plus Spectacle has adjustable arms equipped with tips in contrast colour for a stylish look and optimised comfort. The anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment on the lens provides longevity to the spectacles.

Regular Price £14.98 incl.VAT

Umbra Polarised Spectacle

The Umbra Polarised Spectacle eliminates all reflective glare that hits the lens reducing eyestrain. The lens provides 99% protection against UV light. Adjustable and extendable arms for a perfect fit.

Regular Price £0.86 incl.VAT

Visitor Safety Spectacle

Designed with a moulded-in brow guard and vented side shields the PW30 offers excellent protection and comfort. Manufactured using tough impact resistant polycarbonate. Metal free.

Regular Price £1.33 incl.VAT

Wrap Around Spectacle

The best global seller featuring a simple but winning design with ultra-light and flexible arms which are virtually indestructible. One-piece lens contour design and moulded nose-bridge allows excellent fit to all face shapes. Unisex.