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Antarctica Insulatex Glove

Premium quality cow grain leather knitwrist glove with Insulatex lining for enhanced warmth. Suitable for coldstore applications.

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Apacha Cold Store Glove

Specially designed for use in cold environments whether this is an indoor cold store or harsh outdoor winter conditions. Breathable waterproof membrane keeps the hands dry and reduces the risk of dangerous moisture build up. Elasticated knitted cuff ensures a comfortable and secure fit. Enhanced grip pads on the glove palm allows for secure grip in all conditions.

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Arctic Winter Glove

The latest development in hand protection. Twin liner traps in heat. A 3/4 micro foam nitrile dipping offers full protection to the fingers and improved liquid protection. Open back for breathability.


Cold Grip

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Cold Grip Glove

Specially designed for use in cold conditions. The crinkled latex finish offers excellent grip and the warm acrylic 7 gauge liner offers protection against cold hazards in extreme conditions.

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Duo-Therm Glove

The A185 uses the latest techniques to produce an excellent and durable glove. An extra layer of wrinkled latex is added to the 'high-wearing' fingertip areas of the glove only which improves grip and durability while reducing hand fatigue. The thermal liner provides added warmth for the hand.

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Heat Resistant 250˚ Glove

Constructed from meta-aramid the Heat Resistant Fibre with a cotton liner offers a long lasting glove which is heat resistant to contact heat up to 250C. Seamless ambidextrous and machine washable. Sold singly.

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Siberia Cold Store Glove

Specially designed for use in cold store environments when handling dry objects. 100% waterproof with Insulatex lining for warmth. Nitrile palm for excellent abrasion resistance. Skin friendly - Chrome and Azo dye free.

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Thermal Grip Glove - Latex

The Thermal Grip Glove is perfect for construction transportation refuse collection maintenance and local authority work. This glove has a warm acrylic 10 gauge liner and is ideal for more heavy duty outdoor tasks or those people working in cold conditions.

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Thermal Soft Grip Glove

Great for cold environments this style is dipped with foamed latex offering extreme breathability soft to the touch and provides superior grip performance in wet or dry conditions.

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Thermo Pro Glove

Designed with a dual latex coating for superior grip and protection against liquids and water penetration. The insulated liner protects from cold ensuring hands are kept warm. Ergonomically designed to optimise comfort enhance dexterity and provide high level of resistant to abrasion and tearing.

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Thermo Pro Ultra

Using innovative technology this glove repels water and heavy oils. Liquid placed on this glove rolls off protecting the underlying surface. The twin liner traps heat and allows breathability. Sandy palm finish gives improved grip.

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Thermal Liner

13g thermal knitted liner suitable for use in cold conditions. Elasticated wrist for secure fit and comfort. Coral gaps in the fiber structure retains heat and makes it lighter. Ideal as an under glove.

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Weatherproof Hi - Vis Glove

Designed for use in the most demanding conditions. Insulated liner and knitwrist keeps hands warm and dry. Tough double dipped PVC coating prevents oil grease and water penetration.

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Wintershield Glove

A durable and comfortable thermal glove the Wintershield is fleece lined and made from the most hi-tech man made leather in the textile industry ensuring maximum comfort and warmth for the wearer.